Case Fixing in Minnesota

Seeking SPONSORS for my Family:

ANYONE can Sponsor my Family.

ALL SPONSORS will remain anonymous.

ALL SPONSORS will be reimbursed and rewarded from any awards or settlements from our lawsuits (There are currently 5 civil complaints and 11 criminal complaints filed - All Sponsors will win (proportionately) if we win, no matter when they start).

Because of the continued crime spree against my family, I am indigent, unemployed, and without a driver's license. I am currently being supported by a relative and living in his home, but will need to move soon, as this place is being bought by a local company for expansion of their business in town.

I am seeking SPONSORS in Minnesota and Colorado. It is my ultimate goal to be back on my property in Colorado and reunited with my children, but because of the corruption in our judicial system, I do not know how long that will take.

Right now, it would be ideal if I had a place in Colorado and in Minnesota, so I can travel back-and-forth for hearings and trials and such, for our lawsuits in both states. I need a good-sized place in Colorado so I can resume parenting time with my kids, but only need a small place in Minnesota.

If you can provide any of the following, please email me here:

          a) Living quarters; b) Ordinary living expenses; c) Office space; d) Office equipment; e) Legal research; f) Legal services, such as court reporting, video/audio taping, depositions, etc.; g) Volunteers to stuff envelopes and prepare court presentations; h) Volunteers for letter writing campaigns; i) Time to be a 'Courtwatcher' when I go to court; j) Time to email Sponsors and Support Groups; k) Time to make calls and schedule events; l) Transportation (local and interstate - any pilots?)...

I hope to reimburse and reward each of you for your monthly support, expenses, time, donations, etc., from any future awards from our lawsuits. In fact, if the awards are substantial, I hope to reward you generously for your help or, if you wish, donate to your causes in the future. Also, I am an experienced building and site-work contractor and would be happy to exchange services.

I plan to set up a Legal Fund at a local bank soon and to have a way to contribute online, but in the meantime send any financial support to P.O. Box 40, Le Sueur, MN 56058, and leave the “Pay to the order” line blank. I do not currently have a phone; so email me here if you can provide any other kind of support.

Read on to see how you can help my family. Thank you for your support...


The following are just thoughts at this point about how we can work together:

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: If you can provide $10, $20, $50 per month, or an apartment or home in Denver or Minneapolis, or any needed service listed above, I will gladly reimburse you, hopefully several-fold, from any awards.

TIME: If you can do legal research, court reporting, organize letter writing campaigns, or any other specialty, or can help set up or serve on a Grand Jury in your county, keep track of your time and I will reimburse you hopefully much more than your normal hourly rate from any awards.

OTHER: If you live in Le Sueur or Nicollet Counties in Minnesota or Jefferson County Colorado and can visit your local recorder's office, research, investigate, 'follow the money', or help with discovery or document writing, you can submit your work product and keep track of your time and we will settle up from future awards. Also, if you have any interest in helping my form County Grand Juries in any of these counties, let me know.

Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comments, are always welcome - Email me here.

I Love You Kids - Hang On.

My Family:

          My wife and I grew up in St. Peter. We have known each other for over 35 years, were in a relationship for 22 years, and were married for 15 years. We moved to Colorado in the early 1980s. We have 5 children.

          Our last name is not posted online for the protection of my children. Click on the "My Family's Case" tab for more information.

          I am seeking "SPONSORS" for financial and emotional support for my family during the pendency of our lawsuits against the case fixers. If you are interested in sponsoring my family, click on "Sponsors" above. Thank you.

Pro Se Litigants:

I highly recommend Jurisdictionary.

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