Case Fixing in Minnesota

The Short Story:

THREE YEARS AGO, a Minnesota judge, a county attorney and a child support supervisor in Le Sueur County, fixed a case against me to register a known void child support order from Colorado, so the county and state could benefit from federal funding in my "Title IV-D" child support case.

Everyone involved, in both states, knows the facts: a) That I do not owe child support, as I had paid all of my financial obligations for my children's entire upbringing, in full, until adulthood, prior to my wife's divorce in Colorado; b) That the child support order was obtained by fraud; c) That the order is not based on state or federal law, but rather on the divorce judge's whims; and d) That for any one of these facts or several other reasons, the divorce orders are all VOID.

The local case fixers also discovered that, even though I was not required, I had made over $30,000.00 in payments toward child support in Colorado that was never credited to my account and that the Colorado officials were registering a known "fictitious obligation" here in Minnesota.

Even though I have proven the facts over and over and over again to everyone involved, no one will correct my account and the state of Minnesota is still being directed to attempt collection of the fictitious obligation to this day, which is a Class "B" federal felony that could result in life sentences for the perpetrators (for any non-government person, that is).

AND OF COURSE, the mother, who started the crime spree by defrauding the courts in Colorado, is loving every bit of the continued crime spree by our government, and has denied all visitation and has cut off all contact between my 5 children and me since I moved to Minnesota. I have not seen any of my children for over 3.5 years and have not talked to any of my children for nearly 2.5 years.

The treatment by these vicious animals that work for government agencies connected to family law, is barbaric. They will commit blatant crimes to break apart families to increase profits and federal funding. And, once the state officials get you into their system, they will not relent, even if they are caught in their case fixing like in our case. It's like they are mentally ill. It doesn't matter to them how long their victims are separated; they seem to have no feeling whatsoever for suffering children, who are growing up without one of their parents. It's pathetic!   

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The Long Story:

My family was purposely destroyed in Colorado to maximize profits and federal funding. See our videos and websites in the Sidebar on the right.

Family law cases are being fixed all across the United States. Judges, attorneys, court "cronies", human service agencies, law enforcement, and everyone else connected to the multi-billion dollar per year "Divorce Industry", conspire and work together to fix divorces, child support cases (Title IV-D), child protection cases (Title IV-E), paternity cases, adoptions, Foster Care cases, and other family law cases, not only to maximize federal funding to their county and state, but also for maximum profit to their cronies and for maximum bribes, kickbacks, and payoffs to themselves.

In my wife's Colorado divorce, the case fixers awarded her over 95% on the family estate that I built, including the paid-off home and my business headquarters on 27 acres in the foothills up from Denver, now known to be worth over $2 million, plus near-full custody of our 5 children, sole decision-making ability, a grossly inflated child support order, and other orders totaling over $30,000 just to make sure that they totally wiped me out.

In the post-divorce, the case fixers seized my bank accounts, diminished the remainder of my assets to zero, impoverished me within 1 year of the divorce, falsely arrested me 3 more times, literally ran me out of the state of Colorado to protect myself, and have continued to fix each court action against me to this day.

The divorce was hell on earth for my kids and me, but it got worse when my ex-wife was allowed to open a Title IV-D child support enforcement case, which is a federally mandated and federally funded Child Welfare Program under the Social Security Act. Colorado and Minnesota have illegally opened these child welfare programs up to all who apply, even the upper middle-class and affluent. They cheat the systems for more federal funding than they deserve by encouraging...

The states of Colorado and Minnesota have repeatedly denied resolution of the child support issues they caused over the past 4 years and I am still under constant threat of another false arrest because of the refusals to correct my account.   

I DO NOT OWE CHILD SUPPORT as I had paid all of my financial obligations for my children's entire upbringing before my wife's divorce. I have already paid much more than my children will ever need during their childhood. Everyone connected to my case knows this, but they are continuing their pursuit of child support because they know I have enough evidence to send them all to jail. 

...I'll write more as I have time. 

I Love You Kids - Hang On.

My Family:

          My wife and I grew up in St. Peter. We have known each other for over 35 years, were in a relationship for 22 years, and were married for 15 years. We moved to Colorado in the early 1980s. We have 5 children.

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