Case Fixing in Minnesota

Dear Friends:

I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WELL and I get a chance to see you while I am in Minnesota.

I am not posting our last name online, but many of you know who I am if you are from our hometown in Minnesota or are connected to my children in Colorado.

I'm giving up on my old friend, who I found out was planning to take advantage of me all through our 22-year relationship, starting with the secret killing of our first child - see below. She never loved me and she does not truly love our five children. I have not seen any of our kids for over 3.5 years and have been cut-off from all communications with them for over 2.5 years. She would be perfectly happy if our kids never saw me again. She is a lost soul.

Please do not buy into her lies. Her false accusations have ruined the lives of the other six members of our family. She got what she wanted: Everything I had - My life's work - Money! Just congratulate her if she wants to continue bashing me. 


My oldest son graduated high school in 2010 and I couldn't even attend the ceremony due to my ex-wife's standing threat to "call the Sheriff if I ever try to see the kids again." She has denied nearly all visitation over the past 4 years, including summer vacations, Thanksgivings and Christmases, and Spring Breaks. I wrote to her in October 2010 to respond if she would allow the kids to see me during the Christmas Break, as scheduled by the court. I asked her to respond so I wouldn't waste the expense like I had many times before, but she will not respond. This is a felony in both states, but no one in authority will intervene.

          If you know my ex-wife, and you have the stomach for this type of thing, please contact her as a friend and tell her to knock it off - our children will only grow up once. Now knowing some of the truth below, don't put up with her continued lies and rumor-mongering. You can also remind her that if she can put her hatred of me down for a minute, she may realize that the states are liable to HER also for what they did to HER family.

Please also consider being one of my family's SPONSORS during our lawsuits against the government and the case fixers. 

Anything you can do or suggest to end this nightmare and reunite my family would be greatly appreciated. Email me here. THANK YOU!

My best to you and yours,

"John Forfatherlessfive"

Judge for yourselves what happened to our first child:

I still remember receiving this call when I was at college in Boston. Note the confusion about what day the "miscarriage" took place and the reminders at the top and bottom of the page about her "Abor." appointment on Thursday. Rest in peace my child. I'll see you in heaven.

Judge for yourselves what she intended in marriage:



Judge for yourselves what she intended in divorce:

She got our paid-off home on 27 acres in the Foothills up from Denver, which is now known to be worth $2 million:

 I got an apartment and the kids and I slept on the floor because no sleeping bags or pillows were allowed at my place:



She kept everything I was awarded and still holds my personal property to this day:


I Love You Kids - Hang On.

My Family:

          My wife and I grew up in St. Peter. We have known each other for over 35 years, were in a relationship for 22 years, and were married for 15 years. We moved to Colorado in the early 1980s. We have 5 children.

          Our last name is not posted online for the protection of my children. Click on the "My Family's Case" tab for more information.

          I am seeking "SPONSORS" for financial and emotional support for my family during the pendency of our lawsuits against the case fixers. If you are interested in sponsoring my family, click on "Sponsors" above. Thank you.

Pro Se Litigants:

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